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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shades of Melanin be used on any skin tone?
Yes, Shades of Melanin can be used for every shade of skin

Does Shades of Melanin contain any harmful chemicals?
Absolutely not. In order to keep the product natural, we have kept the SPF as 30. The higher the SPF the more chemicals needed to develop a greater protection

Will SPF 30 be sufficient?
Yes, Shades of Melanin is perfect to be used every day. Whilst out in the sun, make sure to re-apply 2-3 hours, but it is best to limit yourself to direct sun for longer periods

Do I need to apply a lot of lotion?
No, just a little goes a long way. Apply evenly and watch it melt into the skin for a smooth breathable finish

I have sensitive skin, is Shades of Melanin ok for the more sensitive skin?
Shades of Melanin was formulated with natural products but also comes in a non-fragrant lotion that can also be used on the face

Will there be a bigger size available?
Yes, a 75ml size will be launched soon. We are making sure we stick to the travel size limitations for those of you who want to travel with it

Will there be any other products in the range?
Absolutely, we are currently working on our kids roller block, our after sun cooling balm and our hair protector

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