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Our story

The story begins with the CEO of The Shades of Melanin becoming increasingly frustrated in finding a suitable sunscreen that provided adequate protection and did not leave a chalk like shade on her skin. This was a challenging mission to find a product that ticked all the boxes and allowed her skin to simply breathe. Knowing how important it is to protect her skin from the harmful sun rays, she embarked on her journey to create her own product. 


She merely wanted to enjoy the warmth of the sun whilst absorbing that essential Vitamin D. Her creative thoughts, a vision for a suitable product for people of colour, was born. Hello Sunshine. 

SOM-Andrea - CROPPED.jpg

"You are uniquely and wonderfully made and so is your skin, there is no one else quite like you in the whole universe, so protect your rich melanin skin with The Shades of Melanin"

Andrea Stewart
CEO Founder

The creative vision for the The Shades of Melanin founder came to her over 25 years ago whilst working on the cruise ships as a fitness instructor. Every day off, every port that she disembarked at, was a rush with colleagues to the nearest beach.  Health & fitness has always been her passion, especially skin care and the importance of protecting her skin from the harmful radiation rays generated from the sun. It was a great challenge to find a sunscreen that catered for her melanated skin. The only products at the time were either not moisturising,  they contained harmful chemicals and also left a white shade after applying. It was during the Covid 'lockdown' years, her passion for her own SPF skin care range was finally born.

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